A decentralized exchange for megabytes

Buy, sell and use your mobile internet peer to peer,
controlled by no one

Pre-ICO start: 1st May, 2018

The Decentralized Exchange for Megabytes provides a complete ecosystem to buy, sell and exchange megabytes.

Currently, the valuable traffic you purchase is at the mercy of large corporations and cannot be traded.

In the Exchange network, it’s yours to use and sell as you wish; your megabytes travel through a decentralized peer-to-peer network controlled by no one and incentivized by the KEEP token.

Let’s consider you purchase 10Gb/month from your carrier. De-facto, you use one third of it. On the other hand, there is an inbound traveler who just landed in your country.

The Exchange provides a single interface for real-time traffic exchange and payment, making your megabytes tradable using the KEEP token.

Bearing in mind that the decentralized network is controlled by no one, the price for every megabyte is set solely by supply and demand - forming truly fair megabyte economy.

Keepgo has partnered with leading communication service providers


The Decentralized Exchnage for Megabytes is a new business model to trade cellular services. This is a new concept, where anybody can trade data with anybody, peer-to-peer (or peer-to-machine). Prices and technology controlled by no one, fully ruled by supply and demand.

This model will co-exist with the current eco-system and current telecom models, there is no collusion or cannibalization involved. In the same way as MNO co-exists these days with MVNO; or cash co-exists with credit cards.

Technology wise, the whole SW (end user mobile app, match node, smart contracts) will be fully open-source and available for further modifications. The application can be adopted by any HW manufacturer, telecom and IT-related business. In addition, The Exchange will support multiple blockchains, therefore any big and small players can develop any functionality and trade cellular services.

All the mentioned open source SW technology and multi-blockchain smartcontracts data base will be supported and maintained by Open Source Foundation (The KEEP Foundation). Tokens issued by this Foundation will grant access to this “controlled-by-no one” technology (trading license).

Blockchain Agnostic
The marketplace supports multiple blockchain technologies, existing and to be released. We will use IOTA by default.
Hardware Independent
We will immediately offer the KeepgoFi hotspot, but will also provide app developers and smartphone/gadget manufacturers with REST APIs to enable them to sell and purchase using any mobile and stationary device.
Open Source Software
Define your own seller/buyer matching parameters, set different commission and much more using our open source marketplace code. Powered by Open Source Foundation and completely free of charge.
Flexible monetization schemes
Tokens can be used to earn money by selling data, trading on the stock exchange or leasing to occasional sellers. The more traffic you sell, the more quota you have with every token.


David Lipovkov
David Lipovkov

David leads the company since its inception. He has 12 years experience of C-level positions in technology companies. David Lipovkov holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion IIT.

Guy Zbarsky
Guy Zbarsky

Guy brings more than 15 years of management experience. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science, B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA from the Technion IIT. Ranked IDF Major, Divemaster and Karate Sempai


Igor Ryabenkiy
Dr. Igor Ryabenkiy
Managing Partner, AltaIR VC

Igor is a a serial investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of successful executive and investment experience, including Internet startups and IT companies. He has funded, developed, and exited more than 100+ of investment projects worldwide.

Ishay Tentser
Ishay Tentser
CEO IniTech

Ishay Tentser is the Founder & CEO of Initech, an Israeli software development company with a focus on decentralized systems. He is also a founding member in several startups, a networking guru, and unyielding performer. Ishay is seen as an innovative thinker and speaker in Fintech, AI, Crypto, Blockchain.

Yossi Peretz
Yossi Peretz
CEO Stox

Yossi is a technology and cryptocurrency enthusiast, with a strong record of developing market-leading products and services, and extensive experience in online investments and financial markets. Yossi has a wealth of international experience, with roles in the fintech, business and operations management.

Sam Netzer
Sam Netzer
Telecom and Roaming Executive

Serving for 10+ years as the Head of Roaming Department in Orange IL, Sam was the innovator of first roaming bundles for international travelers, disrupting the local telecom market and generating more than $100M in sales of international traffic. Later CEO of startup company. Holds an MBA.

Simon Litsyn
Prof. Simon Lytsin
USB Flash Inventor

Consults Israeli and international high-tech companies in the areas of storage, communications and computing. As chief scientist at SanDisk, Simon was the innovator of the breakthrough Flash memory storage technology. Founder of a successful start-up. An IEEE Senior member, Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University.

Ivan Zolochevskii
Ivan Zolochevskii
CEO AltaClub, exCEO Vodafone

Ivan served as a CEO of Vodafone UA for more than 4 years. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Strong business development professional with a MBA Program, Professional Diploma focused in Management from The Open University Business School.

Our team

Jacques de Waal
Jacques de Waal
Partner – Keepgo EU

Jacques founded and managed two startups and has proven experience in e-commerce, logistics, and management. He holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and a M.Sc in Operations Management and Logistics from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Vlad Kalinovski
Vlad Kalinovski

B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Distributed Concurrent Programming (Computer Science faculty, the Technion IIT). Vlad has 20-years experience of design of distributed systems and programming in different real-time environments.

Alexander Zaets
Alexander Zaets
Server Side Team Leader

Alexander has more than 15 years of development experience in programming and information technologies. Was a university teacher of Computer Sciencies and Director of IT Department. He holds a M.Sc in Development of Computer Systems.

Daniel Salpak
Dr. Daniel Salpak
Carrier Relations Manager and Finance

PhD in Economics at Kobe University, Japan. Was Chief Operating Officer of the main branches of 888Digital. AML/ATF certified specialist.

Liad Horowitz
Liad Horowitz
Senior Business Development Manager

MA summa cum laude in East Asian Studies from The Tel Aviv University. Former founder and co-owner at Lance ltd., and board member of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Friendship Society.

Frank Visser
Frank Visser
Marketing manager - EU

Frank is a creative thinker with special interest in customer experience, logistics and (online) branding. He holds a BBA and is a former ambitious golfer, combining sports and study at the Johan Cruyff University in Amsterdam.

Gili Chupak
Gili Chupak
Head of Customer Service

Gili has bee practicing Taih Chi and meditation for 25 years and holds a BA in Economics and MSc in Nonprofit Management. He brings 20 years of experience in administrative, managerial and customer-service positions in a variety of industries and fields.

Boris Frenkel
Boris Frenkel
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Boris brings more than 18 years of development experience for complex Automated Systems for Railways. Was a university teacher of Embedded and Measurement Systems. He holds a M.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Belarusian State University of Transport.


Why cellular data cannot be traded on standard marketplaces, like eBay or Amazon?

 Standard marketplaces are designed to support the trading of physical merchandise and do not have the required technological infrastructure to support the trade of cellular services.

Will Network Operators allow the resell of data bundles purchased by end users?

There is no single legal standard regarding resell of cellular services, but there are more and more class action lawsuits demanding cellular providers allow the full use of purchased services. We believe that KeepNET model should co-exist with the current eco-system and current telecom models, there is no collision or cannibalization here. Same as MNO coexists these days with MVNO; or cash co-exists with credit cards.

Is any special equipment required to trade data?

Yes, data can be purchased only with devices that support SIM-less technologies, like KeepgoFi Hotspot. Data can be sold by any device with the KeepNET app installed (Android version) or using portable SIM slots.

Will I be able to use my phone while trading the data?

You will be able to use your phone as usually while the device is connected to a WiFi network and with the Exchange app up and running.

Can I also trade texts and voice bundles over the Exchange?

No, at the present time The Exchange doesn’t support the trade of SMS messages and voice minutes

Is trading limited to mobile data only, or can WiFi traffic also be traded?

Data exchange is not limited to mobile data, one can trade their landline Wi-Fi bundle as well.

How can Exchange guarantee that I will get the exact amount of data I have paid for?

The payment for megabytes is performed via distributed blockchain network in real time. You pay only for what you get

Why blockchain is essential for data exchange?

Without the blockchain technology, guaranteed real time micro-payment for usage is impossible.

Due to blockchain technology specifics, operator SIM identifier can be replaced by smart contract.

How can The Exchange guarantee coverage everywhere I travel?

Ever since Keepgo was established in 2009 our primary activity has been to negotiate favorable reselling agreements. We have secured many such agreements and guarantee coverage in countries and destinations where no sellers are available. Keepgo will provide its vast agreements portfolio for The KEEP Foundation needs.

How KEEP tokens will be used?

Keep token is a license to trade data on the exchange. It grants access to the technology. In addition to trade and direct use, we assume that companies like Keepgo will buy licenses and lease them to occasional seller.

Who will run blockchain nodes?

We do not develop our own blockchain. We are blockchain agnostic. We will only create and support the technology and smart contracts that will enable the exchange of data.

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